4 Casual Spring Date Outfits for Men

With spring upon us and temperatures warming up, it’s time to reevaluate your wardrobe, especially if you plan to hit the dating scene. No matter the occasion or weather, there’s a perfect outfit for your casual spring date. 

Spring dating is about getting outside, dressing in layers, and refreshing your spirit. So, as you dream of snuggling up with a special someone, picture yourself doing so in style. With that, check out some great casual spring date styles that will have you planning the second date before the first one even ends.

What’s the Occasion?

Whether it’s a first date, second date, or special date with your long-time love, always dress for the occasion. From a sports coat and jeans for a casual dinner to a sporty day date that calls for a slim-fit tee, there’s an appropriate outfit no matter the occasion.

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Whether you accessorize with funky shades that scream urban gentleman or top your outfit with a fashionable fedora that drips classic modernism, always be sure your unique personality shines through.

First Date Outfit

Your first date outfit is going to largely depend on the activity. One of many popular first date ideas is the age-old dinner date. A dinner date allows you to get to know your date without the distraction of overly involved activities. While a dinner date poses more pressure in terms of conversation starters, as well as choosing the right restaurant and what to wear, it’s a relatively simple date in terms of planning.

If you have an upcoming dinner date, dress to impress. No matter the locale, you can’t go wrong with well-fitting chinos and a v-neck t-shirt. Chinos in beige or khaki pair well with most v-neck color options. Any choice, from crisp white or brooding black to classic navy or sky blue, will look great with a pair of chinos. This look is the perfect palette for layering with the often-cool spring temperatures. Add a trendy denim jacket or a sharp blazer and this aesthetic will turn heads.

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Meeting Up for Drinks

Getting together for cocktails is a great way to get to know your date outside the limitations of a conventional dinner date. The effect of a cocktail or two will render both parties a bit chattier and more outgoing.

Meeting up for drinks also allows you to dress more casually. However, you still want to look your best. A great casual spring look for cocktails is your best jeans and a dapper short-sleeve henley. The classic three-button collar of a henley adds a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit.

During the spring and summer months, a light- or medium-washed pair of jeans with a nude or light-colored henley shirt looks nice. Add a fresh pair of tennis shoes or leather loafers and your casual jeans look will be polished to perfection.

Coffee Date at the Park

If you’ve only got time for a short meetup, consider coffee at the park. Whether you’re carving out time amid an already busy day or accommodating your date’s limited availability, a quick cup of coffee in the park means you can come as you are.

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If you’re meeting up during the workday for a mutual break or have an hour on the weekend, what you’re wearing matters less than the brief time you’ll get to spend together. From your workday business attire to your weekend loungewear, make sure your outfit is neat, matching, and put-together. Don’t forget to pack your breath mints to combat that ever-so-pesky coffee breath.

Day-to-Night Outfit

If your date transitions from day to night, you might be worried about how to dress. Going with layers is a great approach for dressing for a day-to-night date.

Perhaps your date will begin with an afternoon stroll in the park or a trip to a museum, then transition to dinner and drinks. Those warm daytime temperatures can cool off when the sun sets, so make sure you’re prepared for style and comfort.

Spring styles are perfect for layering; this is even truer when planning a day-to-night date. A comfortable pair of medium-washed jeans, a great-fitting t-shirt, and a cool pair of tennis shoes are just the ticket for a day date. Adding a light crew neck sweater or an edgy leather moto jacket will elevate your aesthetic for dinner and drinks.

A Sporty Date

Don’t settle for your grungiest activewear if you’re planning a more active date. Instead, level up your look with chic joggers, slim fit tees, crisp new socks, and your cleanest trainers. Whether you’re hitting a local hiking trail, playing tennis, renting bikes, or rock wall climbing, be sure to do so in style.

When styling your sporty date outfit, stick to neutral, classic, and solid colors. Avoid busy patterns, overt logos, and graphic tees. Instead, stick to timeless solids and slim-fitting options instead of an outdated baggy look and monochrome tops and bottoms. Now that you’re dressed for a fun activity, grab an extra bottle of water for your date and maybe avoid activities that are too competitive.

Looking Dapper for Date Night

Spring is a time for new beginnings — new weather, new wardrobe, and, dare we say, new love. The warm spring days and cool spring evenings are perfect for layering, so choose occasion-appropriate outfits in solids and neutrals with layering potential. Sprinkle in some cool accessories for flair, and you’ll set yourself up for dating success.

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